“You fit into me
like a hook into an eye
a fish hook
an open eye” 
― Margaret Atwood

We struggle to connect to one another. We hope for meaningful and sustaining relationships. We complicate matters. My work is informed by such struggles and the need to remain connected to those with whom I have had long and complicated relationships. I portray the people who populate my life, their faces and bodies a testament to a life lived and/or a life masked. I depict the “transitional objects” associated with them for they connect to and are imbued with their essence and history.

My preference is to work directly from life. This approach connects me to the subject on a more visceral and unencumbered way; it fosters an awareness of the intrusions on the mind that impede perception and connection. This plays out as a slow, steady and sustained engagement with the subject. I am fortunate to have people, both in my work and in my life, obliging and patient enough to join in the struggle.